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Long Night of Museums 2014 in the Bible Centre

The Long Night of Museums 2014 in the Bible Centre was a feast for all senses. Over two hundred visitors came to see our new exhibition "The Holy Land Experience" with black and white photographs by Claudia Henzler and to learn more about the history of the Bible. There was a lot to see, to hear, to taste and to smell and also to touch!

The new exhibition "The Holy Land Experience" was opened. The black and white pictures were made by Claudia Henzler who lived in Israel for several months. They show landscapes, people and streetart in Israel. The artist wants to show peaceful encounters of the people in the Holy Land in everyday life. Under every picture there are Bibleverses. There was also the possibility to talk with the artist Claudia Henzler about her pictures and her experiences in the Holy Land.

The tours through the history of the Bible and the historic library showed different kinds of Bibles for example the Jamaican New Testament or the Bible for the poor from medieval time.

During the Long Night of Museums there was also the possibility to write a passage of the Bible and thus continue the project: "the handwritten Bible." Many took the time to copy a passage from the Gospel of Mark.They could choose from Bibles in different translations. It is another way to get to know the Bible. If you are visitng the Bible Centre you are welcome to copy a passage in the language of your choice.

If you want to participate in our project "handwritten Bible" at home please contact us for further information!

Visitors to the Bible Centre could also taste different food from the "Biblical Buffet." Besides grape juice and wine there was oriental stew with cooked wheat.There were five different kinds of bread from matzen to flatbread that you could eat with hummus and other spreads. As a dessert there were both fresh and dried fruits and nuts.

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